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Are we seeing the end of the beard trend?

If you happen to be one of the men sporting a beard today, you may be wondering whether the time has come to shave it off. While my girlfriend keeps telling me that my beard (more like a scruff really) makes me look sexy I keep seeing to many guys with beards lately. So I ask myself if this trend has reached its tipping point since every hipster seems to grow a beard lately. Hell there are people TRANSPLANTING beards?! I mean…come on!

Nobody really knows who started the trend to wear a beard, but one thing is for certain, when individuals who face the cameras regularly, like Jim Carney decides to let their beard grow, people tend to sit up and take notice. The bold images that were probably not intended to be a trend are usually picked up by other media giants and before you know it, others will follow their lead. As a society, should we be starting a trend based on something that a newspaper tells us? That may not be our intention, but it can work out that way sometimes.

The fact that men are doing something with their facial hair must be interesting to someone, because studies are being carried out, and they indicate that there has been an increase in men wearing beards by almost 10%. That study took place during a 2-year period, which ended in 2012. What does that say for the future of men wearing facial hair and is it something that the bearded ones should use as a source of concern? The best way to answer that question would be to determine whether you wear your beard because of a trend that someone claims existed.

One reason for a source of encouragement for men to continue wearing their beard is the fact that the hair on their face is supposed to turn them into sexy creatures, a statement that needs to be individually evaluated by the women involved ( I will just follow my girlfriends lead here…). If men continue to feel better about themselves when they have the scruff, the odds are good that it will continue to trend, regardless of how cool some reporter claims that it is. Clearly, the choice not to shave is an individual one.

Based on some reports, the beard thing could very well have reached the point of no return, in other words, has it reached its peak? Are we suggesting that we will begin to see some die-hard actors shaving off their status symbol, or will it simply mean that they will continue to drive the trend for keeping facial hair upwards because they want to?

Well, anyway. I for one will keep my beard for a while I guess. I like myself better with it and I was never one to follow trends so even if the beard trend is over (and I am not saying it is)…I don’t care. I just make sure that i keep my beard neatly trimmed with my beard trimmer and that’s it.

Everyone is getting married!!

Everyone is getting married!!

Ok I honestly don’t know what’s going on but somehow everyone seems to be getting married. After buying my suit I put it to good use by attending another wedding. This time it was my girlfriend’s friend who got married. The wedding was beautiful really…and believe me…I am not the romantic type! But it had a Star Wars theme…how awesome is that?! And hey, at least I had an opportunity to test my new camera, ha! I recently invested in an Olympus OMD E-M5 and I just LOVE this little camera! And look at this awesome Star Wars cake!!

Star Wars Cake

Buying a suit – what a pain!

So I have been trying to find a suit for the upcoming wedding and…gosh what a pain! I am pretty tall with long arms and it is somehow impossible to find a suit that fits. As usual I did my research before I went shopping and I wanted to share it with you. Good luck folks…if you, like me, don’t like shopping this can be a painful process!

So….If you need a suit for a special occasion such as a wedding or other ceremonial event, an important job interview, or simply to update your current wardrobe, you may be a bit lost (I surely was) when it comes to figuring out exactly which suit you should buy. When buying a suit there are always a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you step out looking your best.

Before you grab the first thing off the rack, decide which type of suit you want and what style will work for your needs. If you need to create a more modern silhouette, you should choose a suit that has thin lapels. If you don’t know what a thin lapel looks like, picture Neal Caffrey from the television show White Collar. If you want a suit with a classic, old-school look, you should choose one with a wide lapel, like those worn by the characters on the show The Sopranos. Depending on which lapel you choose, you should make sure that the tie you wear with it matches the width of the lapel to create the correct balance.

The most important part of buying a suit besides style is knowing your measurements. It would be great if you could simply pull a suit off the rack and find that it fits you perfectly, but that won’t always be the case. Some people aren’t blessed with measurements that fit into perfect suit sizes, so they have to try to find separates that match. Before you give up, you should visit a tailor. If you find a suit that you love that doesn’t fit just right, you can take it in and have the tailor alter it for you.

After you try your suit on, check the drape, fit, and overall look. The jacket should fit well across your shoulders without any bulges, and hang evenly when buttoned. Any patterns, like pinstripes, should transition throughout the suit without any gaps or deviations. You should also try to find a suit that has lining in the jacket. The lining helps the jacket fall well across the shoulders and from the top to the bottom of the jacket. It will also catch excess perspiration, which helps to extend the time between dry cleanings, although, an unlined jacket will keep you cooler in hot weather. Either way, you’ll look great as long as it fits well.

Proud to be the Best Man at my friends wedding

Hey folks, how is it going? I have been insanely busy over the last few days but here is something I want to share with you since it’s something I have never done before but I am extremely proud of. Recently, I was asked to the best man in my best friend’s wedding. I was more than happy to say yes and knew that I soon had to start building my list of responsibilities for the day. To help other best-men-to-be out, I have done some research and put together this guide of duties and tasks that are to be performed. Let’s hope everything works out as planned :)

Plan The Bachelor Party

When guys are asked to be members of the bridal party, their minds often first travel to the bachelor party. After all, this is a night of fun and shenanigans that the crew is sure to remember for the rest of their days. As a best men, it’s your job to make sure everyone has fun, but you also need to run through the plans with the groom. Find out where he wants to go, what activities he wants on the agenda and who he wants included on the guest list.

Prepare for Day-of Attire

Saying “yes” to a wedding party means that you need to respect the bride and groom’s wishes. Chances are, both of them are going to have a say in what you’ll be wearing for the day. Traditionally, the best men wears a tuxedo, so you’ll likely be expected to rent one. If you already own a tuxedo, be prepared for the couple to want you to wear a different one that matches with the rest of the guys in the bridal party.

Ceremony Responsibilities

No matter how big the wedding reception is or how many guests are there, the ceremony is the most important part of the day, and you need to really focus on your responsibilities here. Depending upon the customs and traditions of the couple, you may need to sign a marriage certificate or a ketubah. Also, the best man often holds the wedding rings. The ring bearer will likely carry fake rings attached to a pillow, and you’ll be responsible for handing the real ones to the couple when the time comes for them to say their vows.

Make a Speech

If you’ve never been to a wedding before, then you might not know about the big speech. At most wedding receptions, the best man will say a few words shortly after the cocktail hour has ended. This speech should be respectful of the couple. You know them well, so you will know what works. Infusing humor with charming memories of the couple often serves as the best type of speech. Don’t go on and on forever though; guests want to get to the partying.

Distribute Tips and Payments

During the ceremony and reception, a number of different people have to be tipped and paid. To prevent the groom from running around and doing all of this during his own wedding, you should take the reigns on this one. Before the wedding day, review the list of people who need to receive payments. The groom can put the money into envelopes so that you know who is to receive what.

So I hope this helps all of you who have the honor to be the best man on their friends wedding. To be honest, I have never thought about weddings but I want to do this right.

First post – Wooot!

Alright! Here we go! This is actually my second blog. I have to admit that I have been pretty lazy when it comes to writing for my first blog so let’s learn from our mistakes and make this one better than the last, shall we? :) I will be a bit busy over the next 2 weeks (a friend of mine is getting married and another friend is moving to my neighborhood and I have to help. So for now I just want to say hi to all of you who are reading this. There is more to come! See you soon :)


PS: Here is my favorite song right now. To set the mood and all… :)