Buying a suit – what a pain!

So I have been trying to find a suit for the upcoming wedding and…gosh what a pain! I am pretty tall with long arms and it is somehow impossible to find a suit that fits. As usual I did my research before I went shopping and I wanted to share it with you. Good luck folks…if you, like me, don’t like shopping this can be a painful process!

So….If you need a suit for a special occasion such as a wedding or other ceremonial event, an important job interview, or simply to update your current wardrobe, you may be a bit lost (I surely was) when it comes to figuring out exactly which suit you should buy. When buying a suit there are always a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you step out looking your best.

Before you grab the first thing off the rack, decide which type of suit you want and what style will work for your needs. If you need to create a more modern silhouette, you should choose a suit that has thin lapels. If you don’t know what a thin lapel looks like, picture Neal Caffrey from the television show White Collar. If you want a suit with a classic, old-school look, you should choose one with a wide lapel, like those worn by the characters on the show The Sopranos. Depending on which lapel you choose, you should make sure that the tie you wear with it matches the width of the lapel to create the correct balance.

The most important part of buying a suit besides style is knowing your measurements. It would be great if you could simply pull a suit off the rack and find that it fits you perfectly, but that won’t always be the case. Some people aren’t blessed with measurements that fit into perfect suit sizes, so they have to try to find separates that match. Before you give up, you should visit a tailor. If you find a suit that you love that doesn’t fit just right, you can take it in and have the tailor alter it for you.

After you try your suit on, check the drape, fit, and overall look. The jacket should fit well across your shoulders without any bulges, and hang evenly when buttoned. Any patterns, like pinstripes, should transition throughout the suit without any gaps or deviations. You should also try to find a suit that has lining in the jacket. The lining helps the jacket fall well across the shoulders and from the top to the bottom of the jacket. It will also catch excess perspiration, which helps to extend the time between dry cleanings, although, an unlined jacket will keep you cooler in hot weather. Either way, you’ll look great as long as it fits well.

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